New in 2020 tandem trike Double-e 2

  • four-stroke engine 4T, 53 hp
  • 23 L fuel tank
  • 4 blades propeller 160 cm
  • 146-152 kg thrust, depends on weather conditions
  • fuel consuption 3,5 - 5,5 L/h
  • electric starter
  • rear suspension made of swingarms with the dampers
  • front suspension made of rigid fork
  • disc brakes (option)
  • trike weight 124 kg
  • trike has passed the endurance tests in accordance with the law and it can be used for the flights with the maximum weight of 360 kg

Thanks to the lowered construction and low engine placement the trike has a very low centre of gravity. Apart from that, it has a wide track width what makes it very stable and impossible to turn over during the flight start. Its construction allows for both single and tandem flights where the pilot sits in the front of the trike. The pilot seat is designed in such a way that it gives an easy access to the most important equipment.
The front pilot seat has many advantages:
1. Easy getting on and off for the passenger
2. Pilot has a great field of view what has a big impact on the flight safety
3. It is enough to make weight balancing of the trike only once
Pilot can sit in the back but the trike should be balanced again each time the passenger weight is changed.