The Gangster 2 is an agile freestyle glider with a comfortable safety margin. Ideal for wagga sessions and working on acro skills, it’s also a wing that will let you thermal all day, or even go cross-country.


Flat area (m2)20.0022.00
Flat span (m)10.5811.1
Flat aspect ratio5.65.6
Projected area (m2)17.2919.02
Projected span (m)8.679.09
Projected aspect ratio4.354.35
Chord (m)2.292.40
Number of cells5050
Glider weight (kg)4.44.7
Weight range (kg)70-9585-110
CertificationEN 926-1EN C

From freestyle to acro

The Gangster’s precise, agile character makes it ideal for freestyle and wagga. Playing with obstacles is effortless and fun, and despite the dynamic feel, the glider retains a comfortable safety margin.

The Gangster is also acro-ready. Brake inputs translate quickly and precisely into motion and all basic acrobatic manoeuvres are possible. SAT’s, helicopters and big wingovers have never been easier. The wing has a clearly defined stall point and a firm brake pressure, which helps you learn the timing for deep stall and helicopters.

From relaxed thermalling to thrilling manoeuvres

While some freestyle gliders can be difficult to thermal, the Gangster has excellent climbing characteristics – you can thermal comfortably all day long. Be free to choose your flying style according to your mood!

When it comes to manoeuvres, the deep stall is easier to achieve and the glider shoots less during recovery. With the Gangster 2, we took the lower sail vents from our acro wing, the Rage, and went a step further. The vents span between the B/C and C/D lines in the centre of the wing. This helps to enhance the internal pressure during negative manoeuvres.

Choose the size that suits your style

The Gangster 2 is available in 2 sizes. Size 22 is certified EN C, whereas the size 20 shares the same essential flying characteristics. Both sizes are load tested (EN 926-1) to over 12g with a load of 120kg. In fact, thanks to the latest state-of-the-art construction techniques, the load test was actually done until 14751N!


  • Air vents on the bottom surface for better internal pressure in negative maneouvres
  • Light but durable construction
  • 4-line design for better support across the entire chord, especially the rear of the glider during deep stall manoeuvres
  • Fabric selected for ideal compromise between durability and light weight: 38g/m2 front top and bottom and 32g/m2 rear top and bottom


Canopy cloth

Upper surface: Porcher Skytex 9017 E25 38g/m²

Lower surface: Porcher Skytex 70032 E3W 32g/m²


Upper: Liros DC60 | Edelrid 8000/U-050

Middle: Edelrid 8000/U-050 | 090 | 130

Main: Liros PPSL 160 | 120 | Gin Gliders TGL180 |080


EN testiraportti


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